Radiant Values

Radiant Values

It’s not about us. We are here to make Jesus known.

The invitation starts now. Every thing we do is infused with eternal importance, therefore, every detail deserves enthusiasm, passion and excellence.

We bow before the battle. We are weak; He is strong.

We’ll risk it all. We take aggressive steps of faith, launching into deeper waters, so that God can do more.

We don’t wear Saul’s armor. We are not afraid to do things that no one is doing to reach people no one is reaching.

We do more by doing less. By keeping things simple, we can focus and do things extremely well. We see complexity as a weakness and not as a strength.

It’s not for everyone. We know not everyone will get it. We are okay with that. Because the stakes are high and time is short, we refuse to back down.

We’re all in. We stand as one behind the vision God has given.

Authentic in life: real people, real problems, real love, real support, and real solutions through the word of God. We’re a church full of people that love our neighbours as ourselves through serving, giving, encouraging, rejoicing with those who rejoice and mourning with those who mourn. We love to worship and will promote corporate worship experiences while cultivating personal worship day to day.

We provide real, tangible, and undeniable experience with God for everyone we minister to through teaching from the Word chapter to chapter and verse to verse, meaningful worship, and relationships. We want to see the healing of social injustices in our community, and our city. We want to practically show God’s love to the homeless, the addicted, the marginalized, the confused, and the hurting.

We’re a church that is growing; People who are engaged in sound biblical teaching and ‘life on life’ discipleship, growing in their relationship with God; disciples producing disciples; home groups producing home groups; and sending out people called to do awesome things for God. This is a place that has Jesus at the centre of every decision and every action, always longing to bring glory and honour to His name. We are not out to get famous or build a big church, we just want Jesus to be known.