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Ministry Families

Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is made up of Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors from all over Canada, and the United States. We’ve been so blessed to walk with these guys since 2010. Their wisdom, insight, prayerful and gracious approach has helped us to build a stable church culture devoid of internal politics and leaders whom are not called to the ministry. We have local representatives of our Board in our church, and we’re building a Servanthood Team that will prayerfully help lead this church. Our Senior/Lead Pastor is completely accountable to our Board of Directors both financially and in his leadership decisions. If you have any questions, or comments/concerns, we invite you to email board@radiantchurch.ca

Earl & Marria Buchan

Earl & Marria have been serving in Ministry for over 20 years and have planted churches in Vancouver and Winnipeg.

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CJ & Jessie Morgan

CJ & Jessie have incredible hearts for community and families.

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Rodion & Tania Ignatenko

Rodion and Tania are people of great faith and tremendous hearts for prayer and worship.

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