• Radiant Church, a Calvary Chapel in Winnipeg.

Church Culture

  1. Relationship first, presentation second.
  2. Whimsical
  3. No one is perfect, therefore everyone is safe to be there regardless of their level of faith or doubt.
  4. Communion is intimate, open, participatory, and available.
  5. We’re not polished, not excellent, but we are proficient.
  6. Sermon is teaching chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse.
  7. Children integrated with the adults but have their own awesome programs too.
  8. We get outside when the weather is good.
  9. Food, lots of food!
  10. Simple worship without any pretense or hype.
  11. Leaders who lead through vision and hold the community to higher purposes.
  12. Orderly service, but everyone should feel welcome to share a thought or ask a question.
  13. No ‘greeters’ but everyone friendly.
  14. No offering taken up, there’s a box at the back if you want to worship in that way.
  15. No service teams, everyone lends a hand to get things done.