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Choosing To not live in fear

As the wife of a pilot, I have seen my fair share of aviation movies. One from the eighties became a hit with aviation folks and the general public alike. Top Gun was extremely popular as was the soundtrack from the movie. One of the songs from that movie was Highway to the Danger Zone. That song has slid into my head a few times lately as I have contemplated the corona pandemic and how to live out my faith in these times.

As I have watched the news and some documentaries about the pandemic I noticed that some of the responses of people, Christians included could be lifted from a cheesy science fiction movie. Tele-evangelists instructing people to reach forward their hands for healing, entrepreneurial types buying up massive amounts of toilet paper and sanitizer then reselling the products at inflated prices. Many of these responses are more than unseemly – they are dangerous. On the other hand, listening to infectious disease specialists explain the science of epidemics has helped me to understand the decisions made by governments and public health officials and I have been prompted to pray much more for them.

Someday all disease and pestilence will vanish from the earth (Revelation 21:4) but until then we want as followers of Jesus to live and love as he loved us.

What does it mean to choose to love at a time like this? How can we be light in these dark days?

We can choose not to live in fear. For some their greatest fear is the illness. They fear contracting the disease or a lived one contracting it. For others the fears are different; loved ones in faraway places decisions being made by governments, being laid off or outright financial ruin. There are many families that only recently regained their financial footing following the 2008 recession. Fear comes in many forms and choosing to live in faith and by faith can be hard.

Earl often asks in his sermons if we have learned to love yet. How do we express love while on the “highway to the danger zone”? Just this morning my neighbour Susan called me. She was heading off to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for another neighbour and called to see if I needed anything. Love in action. I also can’t help but think of the many health care providers in Italy or Wuhan and right here in Canada who have been taking risks so others can live. Many of these people wouldn’t be Christ-followers but are demonstrating true love. Love also requires that we seek to understand the concerns of others and the decisions they are making. This may be especially true of individuals or public officials that make decisions we don’t agree with. God’s word instructs us to pray for our governments and this is certainly a time where ordinary citizens and government leaders alike need a godly even supernatural wisdom.

Psalm 91 indeed many of the psalms and the word of God, in general, is an antidote to fear, a boost in faith and provides practical instruction for how to live in times like this. I am trying to spend more time in the word and in prayer and looking for practical ways to love.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
Love to the Radiant family.