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A note on COVID-19

There’s a balance to walk between defiance and wisdom. Some will argue that we need to stop meeting together and to close the doors of the church for the foreseeable future. Many Pastors I know, good guys, have closed their churches and sent people home. I’m not opposed to this measure, I do not judge this idea, and there’s no shame in taking care of your family in this time of hysteria and crisis. If you feel you would like to stay home on Sundays to protect your family, please know that we will be setting up a live stream option starting this coming Sunday so that you can watch what goes on at church, take in the sermon, right from the comfort of home.

I will continue to open the church up Sunday after Sunday, and I will not be closing the doors of our church. I feel strongly that this is God’s church, it is He in whom I trust with my life and with my safety. Unless The Lord tells me to close the doors, I will keep them open for whoever would like to come worship with me at Radiant Church on Sundays at 10:00 AM. Please pray for safety within our community, love and peace within our homes, and a swift end to this time of trouble. In the meantime, I will continue to obey the calling He gave me many years ago to open the doors, gather the scattered, and get out of His way.

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