1050 Boundary Road @ Parker  604.365.4859

Radiant Sundays

Church is at 10:00 AM. Chapter by chapter, verse by verse teaching from The Bible.

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Saturday Night Coffee House

7:00 PM every Saturday...Worship, coffee/tea and open dialogue on issues of the day or questions about The Bible like why is there war in the Old Testament?


Sunday School

Children of all ages are welcome to join in with Victoria and helpers as they go through the Bible. The class will begin with Genesis and go through the Old and New Testament.

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Teaching through The Bible chapter by chapter.

Sunday Morning: Matthew 9: 1 - 8, The faith of friends.

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It's not about us, we're here to make Jesus known.

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What to expect when you come and visit us on a Sunday morning.


Church Location

1050 Boundary Road @ Parker
(Entrance around back)

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Radiant Church is a Calvary Chapel church plant on Boundary Road at Parker Street. Our name comes from Psalm 34:5 Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. We simply teach The Bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse each week. We strongly believe that The Bible is God’s awesome love letter and that we should mold our lives to Him and not the other way around. Our Vancouver Church is more concerned about being authentic than the next big thing, we’re simply a Vancouver Bible teaching church that loves Jesus and while we are getting to know Him we’re making Him known.


The pastors and leaders of our church don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They’re people who love Jesus and follow Him as forgiven people thankful for a second chance. They have flaws and are honest about their struggles but they love Jesus and are not out to make a name for themselves.


At Radiant Vancouver church we believe that we have to walk the walk ‘and’ talk the talk. It isn’t enough to have a great sermon or a really awesome life group network, we want to ‘be’ the church and ‘live’ out The Word of God in our lives. We want to have The Bible alive in our lives day to day and week to week.


We are on a mission. Whether you feel called into the ministry or to join us sitting on the sidewalk in the Downtown Eastside, we have places where you can engage in the mission that God has put before us. We are called to open the doors, gather the scattered and get out of the way. We’re not here just to be a nice group of people, we’re here to be messengers in every corner of the city.


We believe it is vital to ‘be’ the church in fellowship. We eat together often in potlucks, go out for movie nights and even have crafting nights. We have serving opportunities and outreach ministries where we can get to know each other on a very real and personal level. There’s also several life groups running that can help us to connect in The Word, prayer and even recovery.


What to expect: Our Vancouver church is approachable and welcoming. We don’t dress up for church and we encourage everyone just to come as they are, the seating is comfortable and there are loads of windows letting the natural light into our great space. We desire to live like an Acts chapter 2 church; authentic, missional, approachable, encourages fellowship and loves Jesus.


Radiant Vancouver Church Events

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Church Blog


There are some moments in life that seem to pass in slow motion. Something happens to us and we wish the world around us would slow down and recognize that something important happened. It may come through the death of a loved one, a tragedy we personally witness, or a world event that make us stop and […]

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Phil 48 Test

From time to time I will have someone approach me asking what I think of a certain book or movie. I may even have some ask me about their choice in music and other forms of entertainment. I am not always the best judge of art and literature simply because, like everyone, I have my […]

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New Sunday School

Children of all ages are welcome to join in with Victoria and helpers as they go through the Bible. Sunday School will begin with Genesis and go through the Old and New Testament. The classroom will be a safe environment where the children will learn more about the wonderful God that we serve and the Son who […]

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The Long Walk Back

Ephesians 4:32. Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you… The road back through forgiveness to the place where we started from is a long way sometimes. The love and graciousness of those around us will always dictate whether it is a lonely road of heartbreak or a […]

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Leadership Grace

In church leadership we’re all too often placed in tough situations making tough decisions. Some of those decisions can make or break relationships, and at some of those decisions we often look back on with regret. How many times have we asked ourselves “How could I have done that differently?” It’s common, being human, to […]

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Injuring eternity.

Have you ever considered the time that we have left in this life? Gandalf said it best “All you have to do is to decide what to do with the time given to you.” Whether we like to think about it or not, we’re on the clock and time is unforgiving. We can spend hours […]

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